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A Gentle Introduction to xml

Introducing XML Schema

In this instructive example we show the syntax of a simple Schema and xml document.

Specifying child nodes

We can use the complexType structure to specify which nodes are permitted.

Allowing options

The choice element can be used to permit options.

minOccurs and maxOccurs

We can specify the minimum and the maximum number of occurances. We can set maxOccurs to "unbounded" to an umlimited number of occurances.

maxOccurs on choice and sequence

We can use maxOccurs and minOccurs in choice and sequence elements.

Payment problem

A tricky problem involving alternative payment methods.


Another puzzle. This one looks at sequences of debit and credit transctions.

Answers: [Introducing XML Schema] [Specifying child nodes] [Allowing options] [minOccurs and maxOccurs] [maxOccurs on choice and sequence] [Payment problem] [Batches]